Congrats for our painting competition winner!!!😍🏆
Congrats for our painting competition winner!!!😍🏆🥇
Rosni Bhanu
Congrats for our Kantha dubsmash/tiktok competition winners!!!😍🏆🥇
Congrats for our Kantha dubsmash/tiktok competition winner!!!😍🏆🥇
Congrats for our Kantha dubsmash/tiktok competition winner!!!😍🏆🥇
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Pooram Highlights

Main Programs on Pooram Day

We, the Malayali community is showcasing the replica of “Thrissur Pooram” in Singapore on September 1, 2019 Sunday at Social Innovation Park, Punggol as “SINGAPORE POORAM”.

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Madathil Varavu Panchavadhyam

Madathil Varavu is one of the most significant part of the Thrissur Pooram. This denotes the stepping out of the two deities of Thiruvambadi temple i.e Thiruvambadi Goddess and Lord Krishna as a glorious procession to Brahmaswom Madom, a temporary abode. Madathil Varavu is accompanied by classic traditional orchestra Panchavadhyam.

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Pandi Melam

Ilanjithara Melam

Ilanjithara Melam is the single largest gathering of percussion artists in the world and is also the most delightful music feast to the ears. The melam derives its name from the Ilanji tree ( Bullet Wood Tree) at the Vadakunnathan Temple, under which it is performed. Since 1999 Padmashri Peruvanam Kuttan Marar is the Pramani (Chief) of this classic percussion ensemble. Over 250 instrumentalists performs for the melam every year with technical accuracy and discipline.

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Kudamattam is the exchange of decorated parasols (muthukuda) over the richly caparisoned majestic elephants (gajarajas). This a mesmerizing spectacle and one of the main attractions of the Pooram. Pooram was designed as a healthy competition between two groups- Thiruvambady and Paramekkavu. Kudamattom also has a competitive spirit wherein both sides tried to enhance the experience by raising unique umbrellas to outwit the other side

Program Schedule
10:00AM Pooram Inauguration
10:30AM to 12.30PM Panchavadhyam
12:30PM to 2.30PM Cultural Programs
02.30PM to 04.30PM PandiMelam
04:30PM to 05:00PM Kudamattam
05.00PM to 05.30PM Pulikkali
05:30PM To 06:00PM Bid Good Bye
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percussion maestros

Major Performing Artists

The Pooram is incomplete without the quintessential Percussion ensemble. The electrifying percussion performance by maestros is a major attraction for the pooram lovers who immerse themselves in that pulsating rhythm, be it “pandi melam” or “panchavdhyam”. For the last two decades, Pandimelam is led by virtuoso Padmashri Peruvanam Kuttan Marar. Panchavadhyam, the traditional orchestra comprised of 5 different instruments is led by 5 maestros. The Pramana Vadhyam (lead instrument) Thimila led by Shri Chottanikkara Vijayan Marar, and accompanied by Shri. Parakkad Thankappan Marar and Panangattiri Mohanan, Madhalam by Shri Kunisseri Chandran, Kombu led by Trippalur Sivan, Elathalam by Panjal Velukutty, Edakka by Shri. Thiruvilwamala Hari.

Singapore Pooram
About Pooram

The Malayali community in Singapore is organising to replicate Thrissur Pooram, the largest and spectacular festival of the south Indian state of Kerala, for the first time ever on the soil of the Singapore on September 1, 2019, Sunday at Social Innovation Park, Punggol.

Trissur Pooram- The festival of festivities, has been celebrated for the last 220 years since it was initiated by Raja Rama Varma, the then Maharaja of Cochin. Pooram witnesses millions from all over the world and year by year the number of audience only increases manifold. The Pooram is more an emotion than a simple event and spreads over 7 days of festivities. The key magnetisms of the Pooram, are the competitive showcasing of richly caparisoned majestic elephants, exchange of fresh and brightly coloured and crafted umbrellas, electrifying performance of traditional orchestra and the dazzling fireworks. Each year, the Pooram ends with a hope for a much better and bigger Pooram the following year and with all participants leaving with joy and content at the magic that is the Pooram. As an endeavor to promote our rich culture and heritage, the Malayali diaspora in Singapore is going to replicate the Trissur Pooram in our own Singapore, to the best extent possible.

Singapore Pooram is going to be the first of its kind with active participation of all the Malayali Organisations and we are expecting more than 2500 pooram lovers to be present there on that day. The central attraction of the event would be “Ilanjithara Melam”-the largest and vibrant percussion ensemble led by the virtuoso Padmasree Mr. Peruvanam Kuttan Marar. For this ensemble he will lead a team of 25 performers, all legends in their respective instruments. Singapore Pooram will also witness “Panchavadyam” performance led by Mr. Chottanikkara Vijayan Marar. To add colours to this majestic experience we have lined up a number of traditional cultural activities such as Thalapoli (processions conducted and participated by ladies clad in traditional attire), Poorachamaya Pradarshanam (Exhibition of Elephant decoratives), Kudamattom (Display of coloured and crafted umbrellas), Pulikali (Traditional Tiger Dance) etc. We assure you that this will be a feast for the eyes and we request you to join us in the Pooram celebrations

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Our Venue

social innovation park
50 Punggol East

Email :

Contact : Ragesh : +65 9459 0527,  Sujith : +65 9339 1214, Rajesh :+65 9238 7443, Sabari : +65 8139 1140, Madhu : +65 8399 5018, Sebi : +65 9729 0634


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