Panchari Melam

Panchari melam popularly known as “Panchari” and “Panchakarika” in old texts is an ethnic drum ensemble comprises of instruments such as Chenda, Ilathalam, Kombu and Kuzhal. It is a six beat thaalam comparable to Roopaka thalam in Carnatic Music and Daadra in Hindustani music. In the process generally there are 5 kaalams (tempos) of playing the instruments. Some places it is 6 including the “Pathinja Kaalam”. Tripunithura Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple Vrishchikolsavam is one of the prominent venue where Panchari melam is staged.
Panchari Melam
Ilanjithara Melam

Pandi Melam

The most celebrated Pandi Melam is Ilanjithara Melam staged during Trissur Pooram festival.
Pandi Melam is a classical percussion concert encompasses Chenda, Ilathalam, Kombu and Kuzhal. Pandi melam has 4 stages and conveys a thaalam or rhythm with seven beats. A full- length Pandi melam can lasts for more than 2 and a half hours.
Generic Art


Panchavadhyam, plainly orchestra of five instruments (Pancha – Five; Vadhyam – Instrument), is a temple art form that has evolved in Kerala. It comprises of four percussion instruments (Thimila, Madhalam, Ilathalam, Idakka) and one wind instrument (Kombu). Though a temple art it has come out of its boundaries and has now become a generic art form irrespective of any barriers.
First time In Singapore

Robotic Elephant

First time ever in the soil of Singapore, we are presenting Robotic life size elephants. These caparisoned elephants will be used for ‘Kudamattom” on the Pooram day. The elephant sculpture with robotic real-life movements will also form part of our Corporate Social Responsibility as this is an engineering remedy to end cruelty against animals.
Highlights 2023

Padma Shri. Mattannur
Sankarankutty Marar

Singapore Pooram is proud to and honored to be associated with him for this year.
He and his distinguished team of artists will be performing “Panchari Melam” and “Pandi Melam” – two unique styles of percussion ensemble.

Get ready to be to be submerged in the beats of ebullience!

ritual in Trissur Pooram


Kudamattam is one of the prominent ritual in Trissur Pooram where vibrantly decked up elephants and their handlers perform. Kudamattam, literally the exchange of decorated umbrellas, showcases an enthralling line up and is a treat to onlookers. Comprising swift and rhythmic changing of ornamented parasols, Kudamattom also brings out a competitive spirit between the two sides “Paramekkavu” and Thiruvanbadi”.
First time In Singapore

GRAND FINALE – Celebration of cultural diversity

Singapore Pooram 2023 will have a Grand Finale (Kalasakottu) with participation from multi-cultural, multi racial artists groups of Singapore. To be true to the theme, 2023 Pooram Committee will be collaborating with Indian Heritage Centre as well as diverse cultural and linguistic groups in Singapore such as Khalsa Association, Maharashtra Mandal, Gujrati Society, Telugu Samajam, Malwa Association, Bhojpuri Association, various Tamil and Malayalee clusters to accentuate the Indian cultural harmony and to emphasise the expression “Unity in Diversity”. Pooram 2023 will have representations from Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Thai , Sri Lankan and Indian communities to demonstrate Singapore’s identity of harmonious multi racial society.
ritual in Trissur Pooram


Music is to the soul as food is to the body. A day full of magical experience will also have delectable cuisine from all over the world- Local, Indian, Chinese, Malay, Thai etc etc. Come and Join us for tasty food and fun!
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